What is meant by recycling of waste justify it with two example?

In ideal implementations, recycling a material produces a new supply of the same material; for example, used office paper would become new office paper and styrofoam used would become new polystyrene. Some types of materials, such as metal cans, can be repeatedly remanufactured without losing their purity. There are four basic approaches to responsible waste management. The three R's (reduce, reuse and recycle) are three approaches and the most preferred from an environmental point of view.

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste helps save space in landfills by preventing useful materials from entering. The amount of energy and natural resources needed to produce or collect raw materials and manufacture the product is reduced. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping the product anywhere it is sold are reduced. Corrugated cardboard, milk jug containers, newspapers and inserts, and tin and aluminum cans can go in your Rogue Disposal & Recycling cart with red lid for recycling.

And when you put tin and aluminum cans in the recycling cart, they take them to a plant where they can be reprocessed into a variety of new products, keeping them out of the landfill and continuing their useful life. One of the ways to implement this plan is through the 3 R's of waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. An example of external recycling is the collection of old newspapers and magazines for pulping and manufacturing them into new paper products. Recycling reduces waste disposal by transforming useful materials such as plastic, glass and paper into new products.

Recycling can help reduce the amounts of solid waste deposited in landfills, which have become increasingly expensive. Recycling is economically attractive when the cost of reprocessing waste or recycled materials is lower than the cost of treating and disposing of materials or of processing new raw materials. Examples of recycled items include fiberglass made from glass bottles and insulating materials made from newspaper or plastic bottles. For Clearance Solutions, reuse often means recovering furniture that is still in good condition and selling or donating it instead of dismantling it and recycling individual parts.

Continue below for information on what you can do to help protect your health and the environment by managing your waste responsibly. Another form of internal recycling is observed in the distillation industry, in which, after distillation, used cereal puree is dried and transformed into edible feed for livestock. The manufacture of copper tubes generates a certain amount of waste in the form of ends and cutouts of the tubes; this material melts again and melts again. Paper and plastic bags generate an enormous amount of waste, and plastic bags take hundreds of years to break down.

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